Eric Kohn

Slumdog Millionaire

Telluride: Down From The Mountain

This Labor Day weekend, dozens will journey to an elite, isolated Colorado resort town, having spent hundreds of dollars months ago for passes to a film festival that doesn't announce its program until the first day. The lure for this costly leap of faith is the Telluride Film Festival, and......
Adam Yauch chews on three Oscar nominations.; Credit: OSCILLOSCOPE LABORATORIES

From Beastie Boy to Movie Mogul

Adam Yauch — aka Nathaniel Hornblower, aka MCA of the Beastie Boys — has unorthodox plans for the Oscars. "I'm going to distribute sandwiches outside the theater," says the 45-year-old founder of Oscilloscope Laboratories, an indie film–distribution company based in New York. "Maybe Harvey Weinstein will be hungry." He jests,......
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