Eric Brach

Daniel Franzese; Credit: Ryan P. Fluger

Daniel Franzese: Authentic in His Comedy and His Fashion

"I always dabbled in stand-up and did things like that. I did a lot of storytelling, a little improv. But I was always in the closet. I couldn’t tell my story. But since I came out, I feel like I can finally do stand-up — and it’s funny, none of my stand-up is even about that....
Tucker Max; Credit: © Rudius Media

"Fratire" Comic Tucker Max Has New Literary Pursuit: Book in a Box

"Jesus never wrote anything down, but we have the Bible. Socrates never wrote anything down, Buddha never wrote anything down ... Malcolm X didn't write his own autobiography," Max says. "Some of the greatest minds in Western history used scribes to transcribe and get their ideas into books."...
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