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Credit: David Black

Ryan Adams Interview: We Manage To Really Piss Him Off

See also: Ryan Adams performs at Hollywood Forever, October 10, 2011 Two days ago, a very pissed off Ryan Adams cut our interview short, leaving me shaken. Now six years sober, and settled into domestic life with wife Mandy Moore, I'd heard that he was nonetheless a notoriously volatile and......
Credit: Kelly Brown

FYF Preview: Drinking Tequila With Tijuana Panthers

See also: FYF Preview: The Descendents Attempt To Clone Themselves Fuck Yeah! It's the FYF SAT Quiz! FYF Preview: Keith Morris of OFF! Speaks on Friends and Foes There's a full moon, and the Tijuana Panthers are thirsty for tequila. There have been complications, though, which are my fault. I......
Gibby Haynes; Credit: Tamea Agle

Butthole Surfers and 400 Blows – Echoplex – August 27, 2011

Butthole Surfers and 400 Blows Echoplex August 27, 2011 Better than: Cheap speed and whisky at a roadside carnival. "God bless everything, because it's all going to shit," barked 400 Blows lead singer Skot Alexander at the beginning of their punishing opening set last night. It could have applied to......
Credit: Kelly Brown

Crate Digging With Z-Trip

Z-Trip is lost. We're standing in the middle of Rockaway Records in Silver Lake, in the rock section's "G-H" area, and the DJ -- born Zach Sciacca -- is in his own world. We were discussing the golden age of DJ culture when he got sidetracked, his fingers flipping madly......
Credit: Tamea Agle

Phish – Hollywood Bowl – August 8, 2011

Phish Hollywood Bowl August 8, 2011 Better than: A night of bowling, In 'N Out Burger, some beers and a few laughs. I'll refrain from any further Big Lebowski allusions, but there were quite a few El Duderinos getting their groove on in the aisles of the Hollywood Bowl. Sure,......
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