Don Snowden

Letter From Spain

VALENCIA, Spain — The days of national mourning are gone and with them most outward signs of the pain, beyond the thousands of candles and bouquets that have turned the entrance to Atocha train station into a memorial. Regular service has resumed on the bombed rail lines in Madrid, with......
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Roots & Strands

Felt a bit on the outside looking in with the rapturous reception given the two-CD deluxe reissue of Orchestra Baobab’s Pirates Choice last year. Not that I don‘t like Baobab, far from it -- aside from being one of the crucial Senegalese bands from 1970 to 1985, they’re probably my......

On the Mediterranean

A SQUADRON OF STORKS FLIES 60 FEET above a riotous jumble of figures who spill out of oversize pots labeled with real groaner wordplays on the word clone -- "Napoleon Clonaparte," "Franclonstein" and "Bill Clinclon," who's wearing a monk's cassock -- in a tiny plaza in the center of Valencia,......
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