Diep Tran

turkey porridge; Credit: Diep Tran

Turkey Porridge for One

To walk through the farmers market in the weeks before a feasting holiday is to be caught in a migration route. Shoppers swarm stalls to inspect squashes, tubers, and legumes. These funny birds, compelled not north- or southward, but homeward, periodically cause bottlenecks by stopping in the middle of thoroughfares......
Arkansas Black apples; Credit: Felicia Friesema

Arkansas Black Apple Pie: Chef Diep Tran's Farmers Market Recipe

Since September, I've been scouring the tables at the farmers market, rooting expectantly into crates and bins, pestering vendors with questions of when, now, yet? I've politely accepted samples of Honeycrisps (they're very sweet) and respectfully listened to extolments of Pink Ladys ("a lovely eating apple"). I've bought a few......
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