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Fantasia's dancing mushrooms probably make more sense when you're stoned.; Credit: Walt Disney Productions

L.A. Weekly Picks 20 Movies to Watch While You're Stoned

This is not about the best stoner movies. (If it was, then Sean Penn’s Spicoli would win hands-down, of course.) Instead, this is about the best movies to watch and rewatch when you’re stoned. And there are no rankings – the titles are in alphabetical order – because it’s impossible to compare, for example, a road-trip picture with a cartoon. So we aren’t even going to try. But we are going to roll another one....
City Compassionate Caregivers' grow room; Credit: Albert Flores

Know How to Behave When You Enter a Dispensary

With a little help from City Compassionate Caregivers, in business since 1996 on East Seventh Street in Los Angeles, we have put together the first L.A. Weekly guide to good dispensary manners. You could call it potiquette....
Pamela Hadfield started HelloMD with her husband to make it easier for non-doctors to find sound medical research about pot.; Credit: Story Hadfield

Cannabis Could Help End the Opioid Epidemic, a Startup Medical Group Says

"I've seen cannabis help with pain, anxiety, insomnia, migraines and depression," says Dr. Perry Solomon, a 64-year-old Bay Area anesthesiologist and chief medical officer of HelloMD, an online clearinghouse where patients can get advice, read articles on cannabis effectiveness in treating medical conditions and secure a medical marijuana recommendation. "Using cannabis as an alternative to opioids should be looked at everywhere."...
L.A. officials will license

High Taxes Could Be Driving Legal Pot Consumers Back to Black Market

Legalizing marijuana for recreational use was supposed to deal a death blow to smugglers, cartels and the black market while simultaneously pumping new money into state government coffers. But now, less than a month into the recreational reefer rollout, California consumers could decide to bypass legal dispensaries and head back to the black market in a bid to avoid taxes that could double the price of pot....
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