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Grimaldi's pizza; Credit: Flickr/Joslynn Gallant

Grimaldi's Pizzeria Is Now Firing Pies in El Segundo

Unless you live or work in the South Bay, you may have missed the fact that Grimaldi's Pizzeria opened a spacious location in El Segundo earlier this year. Yes, this Grimaldi's is related - in a second-cousin-twice-removed sort of way - to the original Brooklyn pizzeria that Patsy Grimaldi opened in 1990......
Strawberry Tomato Basil Smoothie; Credit: Stamp Proper Foods

Smoothie Move: 5 Blended Drinks We Love

There's been so much talk about pressed juice lately that we'd almost forgotten about how good a bunch of fresh ingredients whirred around in the blender can taste. With the farmers' markets in full bloom and summer in full bloom, we decided to visit a few of L.A.'s casual cafes......
Chef Sasha Lyon; Credit: Sasha Lyon

Sasha Lyon Leaves Delphine, Soleto to Open New Concept

Chef Sasha Lyon, who was the executive chef at Delphine inside the W Hollywood, and who recently revamped the menu at downtown's Soleto, has left both restaurants. His final day of service was last Thursday. Lyon, who is classically trained and came from New York four years ago to take the lead......
Pine  Credit: D. Galarza

Pine & Crane Brings Taiwanese Cuisine to Silver Lake

We have chef and owner Vivian Ku to thank for the romantic and serene Pine & Crane, which last month took the place of Cru in Silver Lake. Named for Ku's grandfather's noodle company in China, the restaurant is easy on the eyes, full of pale wood, natural light and......
Sweet Lady Jane's Cherry Pie; Credit: D. Galarza

Eat This Now: Cherry Pie from Sweet Lady Jane

Why eat cherry pie in February? Our expectations weren't high -- seasonality and all that -- but Sweet Lady Jane has been doing this classic bakery thing since 1988. And frozen cherries mean it's more than possible to bake a summer fruit pie in February without importing fruit from faraway......
Credit: Flickr.com / current_events

Your Marcel Vigneron Update: Life After bar210

Last time Squid Ink caught up with Marcel Vigneron back in April, he was playing with liquid nitrogen at Beverly Hill's bar210. Towards the end of September, Vigneron left the cushy hotel job when his management company, DNA Management, pulled out of operations at the hotel. These days, hotel catering......
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