Named in part for legendary Dodger pitcher Sandy Koufax and in part for the portmanteau of the words coffee and Fairfax, Cofax is a new third-wave coffee shop from Jason Bernstein and James Starr – otherwise known as the team behind Golden State and Bludso's on La Brea. Set to open on May 22, Cofax will serve a walk-in crowd hot and cold brews, espresso drinks and a rotating selection of signature creations under a bright Dodger-blue facade. 

“People are always coming into Golden State and asking if we have coffee,” Bernstein said by phone recently.  “And we could have coffee … but if we're going to do coffee, I want to do it right.” 
Six doors north of Golden State and inside what was once a kosher butcher shop, Cofax's coffee program will have two prongs. “There are two different types of coffee drinkers, right?” Bernstein says. “There are the people that have their drink, and know that they want the same thing every time. And then there are the people who always want to try something new.” Acknowledging the growth of the second demographic, Cofax will serve Stumptown brews on an everyday basis but plans to feature a second roaster's beans each month.

There will also be pastries and breakfast burritos. “I love breakfast burritos, so we'll probably have two – one with meat, in an ode to Hadar [the kosher butcher that once occupied the space] and one without,” Bernstein says.

Inside the small shop is a white counter striped in blue, bright white subway tiles on the walls and a thin railing – an ideal perch for an early morning shot. “We didn't want it to look rustic or raw; we were going for something more polished,” Bernstein says. “My main goal here is for our staff to be friendly. I want Cofax to be a place people want to visit every day, that the neighborhood will enjoy, that people will rally behind – just like the Dodgers.”

Jason Bernstein at Golden State; Credit: Ted Soqui

Jason Bernstein at Golden State; Credit: Ted Soqui

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