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Hodgy Beats (pictured above

Hodgy Beats On the New MellowHype Album, and Why He Dislikes Reporters

Between all the madcap happenings surrounding the Odd Future crew -- Tyler's maniacal musings, Frank Ocean's R&B ruminations, the occasion palm tree burned down by one of their fans -- sometimes folks forget about MellowHype, the two-man outfit comprised of caustic spitter Hodgy Beats and producer extraordinaire Left Brain. See......
Now I need a doctor

Dr. Dre Tribute Album: We Tear It a New One

Seeing as Detox still shows no signs of life -- seriously, another couple years of this and we're going to get angry -- what's a real G supposed to do? For that matter, what are we supposed to do? Well, there certainly is plenty of prime Dr. Dre material ripe......

Hip-Hop's New Brainiac: K. Flay

When she talks, K. Flay uses big words.Nascent.Dichotomous. Alienation.It's the sort of vernacular that writers splay all over the page when they're trying to sound intelligent. But Flay actually is intelligent; there's her dual degrees from Stanford in psychology and sociology, for one thing. Right now, as she phones in......
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