D.T. Max

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He Said, She Said . . . and He-Was-a-She Said

No writer is better at showing what it’s like to be male today than Martin Amis. And the news is not particularly good. Women are on the move and men are on the run, giving up willy-nilly their “5 million years in power.” Women assert, women demand, women gather up......
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Capitalists needed Darwin to explain how something apparently so cruel could be good for us. Communists needed Marx to explain why something so ineffectual would triumph in the end anyway. When systems reveal their weaknesses, we try to find a theoretical justification to help us maintain our faith through the......
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Dung Ho

Illustration by Mark Andresen The critical mind is tempted to make something of the coincidence that two books on feces have come out in relatively rapid succession. Last year there was English-born biologist Ralph A. Lewin’s Merde, and this year there’s Dominique Laporte’s History of Shit. The two books couldn’t......
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