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Bubba Kush x Harle Tsu; Credit: Olivia Ashton/East Fork

East Fork Cultivars' Anna Symonds Clears Up a Few Misconceptions About CBD

According to the Brightfield Group, a CBD- and cannabis-focused market research firm, the domestic hemp-derived CBD market is likely to top $22 billion by 2022. But in a crowded marketplace, it’s hard to know exactly which CBD products you can trust. We sat down with a bona fide CBD expert to learn some useful tips and tricks when shopping for that CBD product for your ailing body, relative or pet....
Credit: Courtesy High Tide Tours

L.A. Cannabis Tourism: A Guide for the Canna-Curious, the Chronnoseur and Everyone in Between

The cannabis tourism scene in L.A. is a pretty compelling microcosm of the cannabis industry — frustrations with regulatory challenges, a diversity of entrepreneurs addressing a diversity of market demands, and hustlers. The proliferation of tour operators and the resulting competition for customers makes it a buyer’s market, which should be welcomed as good news for anyone interested in taking a cannabis tour....
Credit: Courtesy Dosist

Wellness Is Leading the Way for Many Californians to Embrace Legal Weed

Californians have spent more than $2 billion on legal cannabis since the beginning of this year and the end of prohibition. To meet this increased demand, hundreds of products and product categories began to emerge. On the whole, consumers have started to grow accustomed to the idea that cannabis is a product that can be used for health and wellness, and not just for “getting stoned” or “high.”...
Credit: Grav/Unsplash

What Women Want: Legal Cannabis That Suits Their Needs

t's not news that the cannabis industry is growing. In August alone, California's newly legal cannabis market generated north of $240 million in revenue statewide. It's easy to assume that most customers are happy merely to be able to legally purchase cannabis. However, consumer data combined with insights from within the industry tells us that perhaps one very large market segment doesn't feel so welcomed: women....
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