Brittany Taylor

10 Vintage Rock and Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip

L.A. billboards advertise all sorts of things -- upcoming films, non-profit organizations or strip clubs. But in an earlier time, more billboards were all about music. Robert Landau's new book Rock 'n' Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip displays the rise of that music genre and its influence through hand-painted......
Anthony Burrill's "Oil  Credit: Hammer Museum

Hammer Museum Examines the Evolution of Graphic Design

See also: *5 Artsy Things to Do in L.A. This Week *Our Calendar Section, Listing More Great Things to Do in L.A. Graphic design isn't just about a poster with pretty colors. In today's world of visual media, it affects way we choose our clothes and what food we eat......
Winds Of Plague

10 Best Pop Culture Shout-Outs to the Santa Ana Winds

Southern California's dry winds in fall and winter can rise up to speeds of 90 mph. Commonly known as the Santa Ana winds, they're now making their first attack on the area. Panic has arisen on social media. That can't change the winds' mind, but you can find Twitter accounts......
Credit: Michael Jason Enriquez

What 10 Celebs Would Look Like As Old-Timey Criminals

Drug possession, driving under the influence, vandalism and theft are just a few of the crimes celebrities commit to earn them a mugshot that lives on forever on the world wide web. Celebrity mugshots have become a part of pop culture due to the poses or distraught looks they have......
Credit: Ryan Mungia

10 Awesome Photos of L.A. Pot Shops

Marijuana dispensaries are a part of L.A.'s culture. They are hidden away in your neighborhoods and many people don't even give them a second glance due to their familiarity. The L.A. City Council has begun trying to erase pot dispensaries from the city's existence but a few thousand signatures have......
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