Barbara Ehrenreich

Cold War II

Photo by Doug Mills, AP/Wide World It’s an ugly peace, to say the least, when the victors keep chortling over each mass grave they uncover. “See, we were right to pulverize Serbia!” they crow — not noticing that the mass graves are material evidence of NATO’s own ineptness and, it......

She's Baaaack!

Photo by Carolyn DjanoglyTHERE ARE TWO KINDS OF AMERICAN FEMINISTS: those who thought Germaine Greer was loony in 1970, when she first burst on the scene as a 6-foot, drop-dead-gorgeous young (Australian-born) Brit urging us, in The Female Eunuch, to taste our menstrual blood and get in touch with the......
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Talking Back to Mom

Like many women of my generation, I had two mothers. One was the bio-mom who taught me to clean, sew a straight seam and bake a credible lemon meringue pie. The other was Betty Friedan, who came along a little later to confirm my sullen conviction that these were not......
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