Angilee Shah

Designer Marwa Atik

A Fashion Show That Jazzes Up Conservative Clothing for Muslim Women

See more pictures from the "Fashion Fighting Famine Fashion Show." Marwa Atik needs five pieces of trim, the kind embellished with pearls and black jewels. At a store in downtown L.A.'s Fashion District, boxes of trimmings line the walls from floor to ceiling, but Atik scans quickly and zeroes in......
Katharine Jarmul

Geek Chicks: PyLadies, a Gang of Female Computer Programmers

It's not that the PyLadies are intimidated by the men who dominate computer programmer events and workshops. It's just that they got tired of feeling like outsiders.Katharine Jarmul, 29, remembers the day they first identified the problem. She and three other women found themselves chatting in a circle at a......
LA Weekly