Amanda Erwin

Hot Chelle Rae in "Honestly"; Credit: Screengrab from video

Why Does Practically Every Music Video Feature a House Party?

Upended tequila bottles, pizza boxes, kegs, and people jumping in backyard pools: Why does seemingly every video these days feature a house party?   You may have seen recent works from indie-leaning artists like Charli XCX, Tegan and Sara, Ed Sheeran, and Smallpools, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Why are recent music......
Chad Montermini and Cat Paternostro of Mvscles; Credit: Landon Keaton Chapman

The Band Mvscles Survive a Major Label Fallout

On the strength of their popular 2012 song "Sweet n Sour" (below), a duo called Mvscles quickly won a deal with Warner Music Group. Composed of Tarzana couple Paternostro and Chad Montermini, the group had great expectations. But the label deal went sour, leaving them in a protracted battle. The......
Katherine and Kristina Lieberson and Borshra AlSaadi of Teen; Credit: Amanda Erwin

Teen – Bootleg Theater – April 28, 2014

Teen The Bootleg Theater  4-28-14 Fresh off of their recent tour opening for Phantogram, New York-based, all-girl, R&B and psychedelia-infused act Teen played the Bootleg Theatre last night.  Their album The Way and Color just dropped, and they didn't waste any time diving right into the new material. The first two tracks off the......
Hermosa Beach Drum Circle in February 2014; Credit: Sabina Sandoval Drums

5 Great L.A. Drum Circles (Besides the Venice One)

After a few recent debacles between drummers and police officers at the famous Venice Beach drum circle over new excessive noise ordinances, it's time to uncover some convenient L.A. alternatives that won't have you worrying about being involved in a small riot afterwards. The inception of drum circles began in the 1960s and......
Sydney Wayser; Credit: Shervin Lainez

Sydney Wayser's Fiery New Persona

Having released three solo albums in the past ten years, 27-year-old Sydney Wayser has a knack for light, airy vocals, reminiscent of Florence Welch or Hannah Reid of London Grammar. Raised by a songwriting father, until recently she lived in New York, flying largely under the radar with her indie-folk ballads. Still, she......

Kesha Is the Best. Also, Quit Slut-Shaming Her

A glitter-covered, hair-tattered mess toting ripped clothes and catchy hooks, Ke$ha stepped onto the scene with her hit "Tik Tok" in 2010, and it's not a total exaggeration to say nothing has been the same since. It was easy to list the reasons why this supposedly white trash Britney-wannabe would be......
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