Upended tequila bottles, pizza boxes, kegs, and people jumping in backyard pools: Why does seemingly every video these days feature a house party?  

You may have seen recent works from indie-leaning artists like Charli XCXTegan and SaraEd Sheeran, and Smallpools, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

Why are recent music videos so darned un-original? We have some theories.

1) They're simple to make. 
Just rent a cheap house, grab 50 of your closest friends and some balloons, and start hanging out solo cups. 

2) All you have to do is act like it's a real party!
It's not just easy, it's fun. Just have a couple of revelers make out in slow motion, get a game of spin-the-bottle going, turn on the fog machine, and douse everyone in confetti.  

Charli XCX in "Take My Hand"; Credit: Screengrab from video

Charli XCX in “Take My Hand”; Credit: Screengrab from video

3) They create a sense of “energy”
Kids today love recklessness, and wildness! And anti-authoritarian behavior. Nothing is more brash and rebellious than throwing a party while your parents are out of town. 

My Name Is Kay in "Strangers"; Credit: Screengrab from video

My Name Is Kay in “Strangers”; Credit: Screengrab from video

4) They make the viewer feel inferior
The parties featured in music videos are always better than those in real life. When's the last time your shindig had a full band, beautiful people making out, and firecrackers going off in the backyard? So yes these videos make the viewer feel jealous, but isn't that what the music industry is all about? 

5) They won't be shut down by the police
Since they are, for the most part, contained within an indoor space, the police won't notice if the director lacks a permit to film the video. But, if that's the case, perhaps best to go easy on the fireworks. 

We're not saying you should never make a house party video. But before you do, ask yourself: Is the music upbeat? Do the lyrics reference getting wasted and partying until the sun comes up? 

If so, a house party setting might be the way to go. But be unique; some standout videos get creative with mannequins or have the main character perpetually stuck inside the party, desperate to escape.

But generally speaking? Probably best to skip it. Unless, of course, you can get the Playboy Mansion.  

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