Shortly after Obama was elected president, disenchanted folks with different concerns started airing their grievances through the “Tea Party” backlash movement. Similarly, shortly after Lady Gaga was appointed Queen of Pop–spearheading the current Gagaization of All Known Culture–those observers of avant-garde-inflected- and shock pop who have never been fully convinced by Gaga started a low grumbling.

(Full disclosure, we won't be fully convinced she's the new Madonna until she delivers a steamroller like “Like a Virgin” or “Material Girl.” “Pokerface,” you say? Half-baked. Bring it.)

A completely unscientific sampling of demographics that should naturally be part of her fanbase (hip gays, weirdos, former punkers into glam stuff, your friends and neighbors, etc.) is showing a growing backlash movement against Gaga. We're not talking about people who think she's a puppet of the Illuminati–we're talking about ladies and gentlemen of charm and taste who're getting kind of sick of her posturing.

For example, someone of impeccable taste we know just reposted her “Kermit dress” from last summer with the caption “The Lady doth exist too much, methinks.”

And then someone else posted one of the best backlash comments about her shtick we've seen in a while:

Daniel Paul Wolfgang Boucher writes:

My friend sent me that exact photo and this was my response: I saw teddybear outfits popularized by Fort Thunder kids in the 90's. If she wore the Kermit the Frog outfit while drumming for Lightning Bolt in 1996 I might be slightly impressed by it. Hooker needs to generate a single fucking idea of her own. Still not convinced.

Here's some vintage Lightning Bolt:

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