New York guitarist Tom Verlaine possesses one of the strongest and most identifiable tones in rock, with a no-bullshit, clean, Coltrane-esque appreciation of sound and space. He builds solos like an architect designs buildings, line by line, measure by measure. The founding member of New York art punk band Television, Verlaine gained a worldwide audience via CBGB's in the mid-70s, where he shared the stage with not only his fellow Television members (including early member Richard Hell), but Patti Smith. Since then he's crafted gorgeous, angular guitar rock albums, and led a musical path as unpredictably gratifying as the genius solo in “Marquee Moon” (or “Friction,” or “See No Evil”).

Tonight Verlaine and fellow guitarist Jimmy Rip, who's played with Mick Jagger, Deborah Harry and Jerry Lee Lewis (though, unfortunately, not all at the same time) will perform along to the silent films of Man Ray, Watson & Weber, Fernand Leger and Hans Richter at the Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre. The gig is part of the theatre's Wednesday night Avant-Garde Silent Films series, which runs for all of January.

Get there early, because it should get crowded quick.

After that, head east to the Echo, where the manager/roustabout/Prince of Echo Park Alexis Riviera, along with Guns 'n Bombs, debuts a new Wednesday club called No Culture. Fans of mutant disco, Vicodin house and retardo-electro will be thrilled with the offerings. Tonight's main event is a DJ Set from Rong Music/DFA recording artist Free Blood, whose collection of 12-inches, The Singles, was one of the best dance albums of last year. (If you can't make it tonight, Free Blood is at La Cita tomorrow night.) Also spinning tonight are Guns 'n Bombs, Cosmic Kids, and Acid Girls.

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