From Zolita to Nirvana: The 108th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Colyn, pop from Zolita, hip-hop from DreamDoll and Fivio Foreign, alt-rock from Nirvana and Garbage, and so much more.

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Zolita (Jade DeRose)

From Zolita to Nirvana

Also this week:

Print star Zolita told us that, “I think 90% of being an artist right now in the pop space is social media. It’s a tool that you have to get good at and use. The fact that I was able to start putting music videos on YouTube, and have them find their audience and blow up in the way they did, is so incredible. And I think you have to build your audience before you can get people on your team, believing in you. I think for me, it was always about really high-quality visuals. It took me, as an independent artist, so long to make the videos. But I think that is what made me stand out. I think the thought and intention that goes into the videos has always been what set me apart.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Colyn told us that, “The way music is distributed, how it’s monetized, but also how people experience events. This can be perceived as positive or negative, but it’s hard to compare as everything always changes. I’m just happy that we are back to touring and the world is almost fully open everywhere without any restrictions.”

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