From Lorde to the Exploited: The 107th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Satori, alt-pop from Rachel Chinouriri, Anna Sofia and Jesika Von Rabbit, punk from the Exploited and Cro-Mags, alt-country from Meat Puppets and Spindrift, and so much more.

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Anna Sofia Releases Nifty NFT

Anna Sofia (Jean-François Sauvé)

From Lorde to the Exploited

Also this week:

Print star Anna Sofia told us that, “I love to try everything out and make it my own, and make it cohesive with the rest of my music. I think it’s got that pop origin, but there are so many other things that I try around pop. It’s 100% meant to be dark. It’s not meant to be nice. I didn’t want you to feel your best. I didn’t want the songs to be empowering. I wanted it to be an eye-opener. The entire EP talked about a point in my career where I felt heavily controlled by the industry. It was not a good time. This was me being able to tell it to the world, and be a little bit more honest with the people I’ve been sharing my life with. I’ve gotten a really good response to it.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Satori said, “When I was 20, I started to produce techno beats in my bedroom and learned how to DJ. I did some releases and gigs here and there, but very fast I missed the instruments that I grew up with. Techno became too electronic for me. So when I was 30, I decided to bring my love for instruments and electronic music together. That’s when things became serious and shaped my music in the way it is today: a blend of organic sounds, instruments and melodies with electronic beats.”

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