From the Clash to Tiësto: The 109th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Two Friends and Tiësto, pop from Brenda Carsey, hip-hop from AG Club and Rowdy Rebel, punk from the Clash and Pulley, and so much more.

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AG Club Brings Genre-Bending Rap from the Bay to L.A.

AG Club (Calvin La)

From the Clash to Tiësto

Also this week:

Jody Fontaine of print stars AG Club told us that, “Personally, I would say that the sound now is a little more of a focused version of what we were doing in the beginning, which was really just like making cool songs. In the beginning, maybe our subject matter and stuff like that wasn’t very focused because it was reflecting what was going on at the time, and we were a little bit younger than we are now. I was just getting out of high school, Baby Boy was still in high school. So I feel like, now that we’ve gone through all that we’ve gone through, and this thing has come so far, we’re making music that is a little bit more focused but still has that youthful sense of exploration. That’s why we always say that we’re genre-less, because it’s just like us trying things. We’re very experimental.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Two Friends said, “Towards the end of high school, on a random weekend hanging out together, we decided to do a Google search for ‘best music production software’. We chose one of the top results from some random forum discussion and bought it (ProTools) and just dove in. Slowly as some of our songs and remixes started to gain some momentum online, we thought it would be smart to learn how to DJ so we could eventually do performances. So we did a similar thing– Googled ‘best DJ software and hardware’ and bought some and dove in. It was always serious, but I’d say right after we graduated college in 2015 is when we were able to really focus ALL our attention on music. ”


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