From Superstar Pride to Vanity Mirror: The 149th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from CHYL, hip-hop from Superstar Pride, alt-pop from Genevieve Artadi, garage rock from the White Stripes, punk from Dwarves, metal from Iron Maiden and Powerwolf, and so much more.

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Forever Endeavor

Genevieve Artadi (B+)

From Superstar Pride to Vanity Mirror

Also this week:

Print star Genevieve Artadi told us of her new album that, “I wrote the whole thing while I was falling in and out of love, and just trying to be a healthier person and I think it came across. I wanted to make sure that the musicians weren’t bored. So I wanted to write parts that would hopefully stay interesting, and I wanted to write harmonies that went somewhere. I was more aware. I went a little bit deeper into structure, harmony and melodies. And lyrically, too, because I was like, I want to convey my love in a deep way if I can. I just tried harder, I guess. Pedro being the person that I was writing a lot of these songs for, he’s Brazilian and so knowledgeable on Brazilian music, so he was showing me all kinds of beautiful stuff. That really influenced me a lot, too.”

In “Not Another DJ,” CHYL said, “I’m super honored to release ‘Fool Me’ on Monstercat Uncaged. I actually first found the verse vocal on a Splice pack and fell in love with the melody. This usually doesn’t happen often since most of the time I work on a drop idea first. The vocal just so happened to be 150bpm and I thought, hmm, why don’t we try making a speed house drop out of this? The production came together really quickly and I had two ideas – the first drop being a fun, bouncy one and the second drop using a bassy, energetic square synth. The second drop is very much inspired by the OG speed house tune ‘Gassed Up’ by JAUZ and DJ Snake. The reception from the listeners has been awesome so far!”








































































































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