From Your Angel to Possessed: The 148th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Lindsey Herbert, R&B from Kanii and Justin Timberlake, pop from Nessa Barrett, goth from Ville Valo, indie from Arctic Monkeys, metal from Possessed and Brujeria, and so much more.

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Him Again

Ville Valo (Juha Mustonen @juha_mustonen)

From Your Angel to Possessed

Also this week:

Print star Ville Valo told us that, “All good things go round in 20-year cycles. I calculated that if we were strong with my previous band in the early naughts, then now is exactly the right time to come back. It’s like flared trousers, bell-bottoms. They’re in and out of fashion, and I guess it’s the same thing with goth rock or whatever kind of racket it is that I make. HIM disbanded in 2017, and it took me a while to get my shit together and then also the pandemic was there to stop it all for a wee bit. I decided to use that time to record the first album under the VV moniker. I think it’s also important to step out from the limelight, because there’s overexposure on social media these days. I like the mystery. I always liked artists like that – that you don’t know so much about them. They go ahead, turn into a bat and fly away for a couple of years, and then re-emerge from a coffin near you.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Lindsey Herbert said, “In my discovery of electronic music I went through so many genres and styles such as drum & bass, trance, progressive house, dubstep, big room EDM, bass music, house, disco, deep house, tech house, and eventually found my true love, techno. By the age of 15 I was regularly attending dance music events and raves such as Beyond and Nocturnal Wonderland, EDC, Coachella, Hard Events, etc. and it was always important to me to listen to and familiarize myself with who was playing. I was actually a kandi kid as well who really believed in the idea of PLUR. I got connected to a lot of the community as an attendee and true lover of the music and would meet up with people I knew through social media and trade kandi with them at events. For me, as is true for many ravers, these events were an avenue for escapism and a place where I could be myself, let go, get lost in the moment and feel accepted at a time where I didn’t always necessarily.”

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