From Queen to L7: The eighty-seventh LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Ookay and Dada Life, industrial from Front Line Assembly, hip-hop from Bia, soul from Kyle, rock from Nirvana and Bowie, and so much more.

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The Brutally Natural Rhys Fulber

Rhys Fulber (Wade Comer)

From Queen to L7

Also this week:

Cover star Kyle told us that, “I’m like a kid where my interests will change from one genre to the next, from one tone of voice to the next. On See You When I’m Famous I was speaking on Ventura, my hometown, and it was very surf rock influenced. But on It’s Not So Bad, I kinda got really into R&B and house music, and UK garage started influencing me. So the sound has really just gotten more mature. It feels more sexy and relationship-focussed. I realized I want to speak on things that I’m educated on, and I happen to have been in love for a really long time so I know about those topics, rather than reaching till I rap about stuff that I have no clue on.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Front Line Assembly man Rhys Fulber told us that, “For a while I thought industrial music had re-found itself in dark Berlin techno. A similar spirit and sound palette but in the context of club culture injected with a new younger subculture crowd and energy. I think the true spirit of industrial music is one that is evolving into other forms, like the aforementioned, rather than being a recipe from the past, so I would say the term is at its best when morphing through other forms.”

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