From Gareth Emery to LA Guns: The eighty-sixth LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Gareth Emery and Skyler Madison, afrobeat from Fireboy DML, rock from LA Guns and Morrissey, and so much more.

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Life’s a Bitch and Then You Fly!

Bitch (Dana Lynn Pleasant)

Also this week:

Print star Bitch told us that: “I studied classical violin my whole life. I went to college and met Animal, and we kind of formed our band, Bitch & Animal, more thinking that we were making theater even though we were playing instruments. It was just so second nature to me to just play violin no matter what I was doing. So we moved to New York and launched this project which we thought was theater. We moved up to Provincetown for a summer and started playing a free weekly show there. Ani DiFranco, her people saw us play and she invited us to tour. That summer, we quit our dumb waitressing jobs and we hit the road, and never looked back.”

“I’m a lyricist first, and this is my first pop album,” she added. “It’s very heavy on synthesizers, and I wanted to center my violin since that is my earliest, original voice. So it’s very synthesizer-heavy, violin-centric, poetry-pop music.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Skyler Madison told us that: “Regardless of what genre you like or whatever is trending at the moment, everyone can find a way to relate to something, even if you’re new to the music or the culture. Live shows, in my opinion, are the essence of the culture itself; and without the live shows to back up the music releases, it puts a damper on an artist’s ability to connect and build a solid fan base. That said, I know there were a lot of mixed feelings about the pandemic for a lot of artists. I decided to take advantage of the time off from touring to improve my production skills by enrolling in music school at Icon Collective, where I’ve further developed my sound and style. I also use the time off to learn how to adapt to a world without live shows.”

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