From Doja Cat to Radiohead: The 173rd LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from wAFF, hip-hop from Doja Cat, pop from Madilyn Bailey, punk from the Erections and the Varukers, classic rock from Fleetwood Mac and Ringo Starr, and so much more.

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Hollywood Dead R2 1

Madilyn Bailey (Lissy Laricchia)

From Doja Cat to Radiohead

Also this week:

Print star Madilyn Bailey told us that, “I practicality came out of the womb singing. ‘Hi world, I’m here.” Putting on little shows for my family, and then I think I started taking it seriously when I performed at my school’s talent show. My whole school was so supportive, and I was such a shy kid at that point that I was like, ‘I’m not even sure that you guys knew that I existed until this moment.’ But they were so supportive and also my parents were super supportive of everything. I posted my first video on YouTube I think in 2009 on my YouTube channel – I think that was my first video. I looked terrified. It’s still there, it exists, it keeps me humble and reminds me that even when we think we’re really awesome, we might not be. There’s a lot of room for growth.”

In “Not Another DJ,” wAFF said,

“I’ve always been known for big tech. house club tracks, and I still play that style but I definitely have moved more into a housey vibe. I play a mixture of rolling tech house, minimal and house now where I used to just play big tracks all the time. I really like the deeper moments in sets sometimes now too, so if I have enough hours to play in a set, you’ll be on more of journey with my music rather than me just trying to play constant bombs. But sometimes I will play just house, or just minimal or whatever depending on the event, and place, but I really love that I can now play whatever style I feel is right. I may even play melodic tribal house / techno if I was at the right place so I’m definitely a mixture. But I always aim to impress and stand out with whatever style I play.”

















































































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