From Beyonce to Bad Religion: The 172nd LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Arnold & Lane, hip-hop from Lil Kayla, R&B from Beyonce, punk from Bad Religion and DFL, metal from Metallica and Pantera, and so much more.

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Sofia and Silvia

Sofia Valdes (Olivia Parker and Parker Hao)

From Beyonce to Bad Religion

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Print star Sofía Valdés told us of her new album that, ““Silvia was the thing that connected all of it without me even knowing it. This entire time, I would go back to listening to my great grandparents’ music, thinking what am I doing, why am I doing this, is this worth my mental health? But it was super interesting for me that they dedicated their life to music. It was something bigger than them. And I do think that going through that, they also understood that whatever they were feeling in the moment, there was something bigger. I kept that in mind – there was something bigger than me feeling dad in this second. Silvia was a big calming idea for me.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Lane of Arnold & Lane said, “I think our sound is really interesting in the sense that it pulls sonic influences from such a broad range of music. Which may be the reason why we can dance smoothly between both the jovial and serious dualities of sound. In my opinion, in today’s age, a lot of the popular dance music is quite threadbare. I’m a firm believer that our sound offers more versatility underneath the tech house umbrella.”

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