From Chelsea Cutler to Sean Paul: The ninety-first LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Slushii, hip-hop from Nez and Coi Leray, alt-pop from Chelsea Cutler and Bjork, rock from Great White and Dream Theater, and so much more.

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Nez’s GTA tunes are no game

Nez (Nolis)

From Chelsea Cutler to Sean Paul

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Print star Nez told us that, “I’ve just always been into music. I’ve always had an interest in it. Whether it was performing as a drummer in my church at the age of 8, it’s always been around. I think in terms of it becoming something serious, that happened within the last few years. I was producing prior to performing, and I started producing professionally around 2011. Within the last couple of years I found my sound, and something that I felt interested in putting out. So yeah, I’ve only really started my journey as an artist in the last two years.”

Also, “I’ve learned something from everyone that I’ve worked with throughout the entire way. That’s the dope thing about producing – you get a chance to be a fly on the wall. Sometimes you get a chance to grow with artists depending on when you meet them. Sometimes, you meet them on the way up and you get a chance to see their development. Sometimes, if you meet them and they’re already big, you get a chance to see how they do things.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Slushii said: My biggest musical inspirations at the moment are Ye, Pharrell, Chad Hugo, Isao Tomita, and Susumu Hirasawa. When you have a second, Google the last one, it’ll blow your mind. As far as style is concerned, I really feel a strong connection to Rick Owens and Raf Simmons. Their clothes are just so comfy, while keeping the professional / artist aesthetic. Undercover is doing some really interesting things with the Evangelion collab they just dropped, and I’m looking forward to newer collections this year.”



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