From the Breeders to Guns N’Roses: The ninetieth LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Aether and Sacha Robotti, hip-hop from Lady London, jazzy soul from Dana Williams, rock from the Dollyrots and Guns N’ Roses, and so much more.

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Lady London is a Boss

Lady London (Steph Paul)

From the Breeders to Guns N’Roses

Also this week:

Print star Lady London told us about her new Boss Tape: “It was literally all me. I recorded and arranged it myself; I recorded in North Hollywood. I tracked and engineered most of it, then I sent it out to a mastering engineer to finish it. It was incredible. It took from July to now to finish. I probably finished up technically at the end of December, so from July to December, I worked on it vehemently”

She also told us about her name: “I wish there was a cool story beyond it, but it’s not so much. The name London came from [model and actress] Lauren London. People used to say we looked a lot alike when I was in high school, so I had that as my Instagram name and then as I transitioned into music, it just stuck with me. So it was never really my chosen rap name, it was just my Instagram name and that went into my career with me.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Aether told us about his sound. “I’ve worked on everything from medieval soundtracks to contemporary romantic piano pieces to ambient soundscapes to bass-driven electronic hits. I feel like I’m most notably known for very mellow electronic music with intricate drum work and beautiful pianos and textures.”




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