It has come to our attention that this magical thing is happening tonight at the Mountain Bar in Chinatown. Specifically: Free Colt 45 all night long. Holy crap.

Jail Weddings sent us this email:

Wed, Oct 14th JAIL WEDDINGS POLYAMOUROUS AFFAIR DIOS VOICES VOICES FREE ADMISSION AND FREE COLT 45 ALL NIGHT!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​!​​ Free limited edition t-shirts designed by BIRDMAN (guy who hangs those wooden bird thing on telephone wires) to everyone that comes till he runs out. Limited run of posters being printed for this night too, also free. Mountain Bar 475 Gin Ling Way Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213) 625-7500 New Jail Weddings “Inconvenient Dreams” EP available here!

What else is there to say? Four totally worthy bands. Free beer. Free T-shirts. No cover. In Chinatown. Get out your umbrella, take the fucking train so you're not driving. Get off at the Gold Line Chinatown stop. Walk up the hill. Free shit. When the night's over, walk down the hill, get back on the fucking train and go home. Total cost of the night? $2.50 for the train tix.

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