Los Angeles–based duo Foxygen’s third album, …And Star Power, is a self-indulgent experiment in sonic excess that has been met with both acclaim and derision. A 24-track, 82-minute opus, …And Star Power stretches over four thematic suites whose titles (“Hits and Star Power,” “Paranoid,” “Scream: A Journey Through Hell,” “Hang on to Love”) are based on their creators’ whims rather than the lyrics or music. The album moves from the Stones and Velvet Underground sounds of Foxygen’s well-received, pop-accessible last album into Todd Rundgren–like soft rock, but it remains decidedly lo-fi throughout, as if the two were just noodling in the garage in a stoned haze with the record button on. Best to make an abbreviated playlist of the wildly disparate singles: “Could Have Been My Love,” “How Can You Really,” “Cosmic Vibrations” and “Hang.” Also Saturday, Jan. 3.

Jan. 2-3, 8 p.m., 2015
(Expired: 01/03/15)

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