Last fall the LA Weekly wrote a story about an LA-based publishing company, Urband & Lazar, who was suing Lil Wayne for using an uncleared sample in one of his mixtape songs, “Once,” written by a singer named Karma-Ann Swanepoel. Wayne's song, “I Feel Like Dying,” contains a chorus sung by Swanepoel, and though the song never made it onto an album, the suit contends that Wayne profited from its use, and that Urband & Lazar, Swanepoel's publisher, should get a cut of that money.

This is the track in question

Now comes word that Lil Wayne has turned around and sued the producer of said song, Rebel Rock Productions, for failing to clear the sample — Wayne's basically saying, “It's not my fault the sample wasn't cleared — it's Rebel Rock's fault.”

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