Fivio Foreign is Self Made on New Video: Brookyln rapper Fivio Foreign is enjoying a prolific spell. The man born Maxie Lee Ryles III released his Pain and Love debut album in November 2019, then the 800 BC sophomore effort just five months later. His B.I.B.L.E. album is due out at some point this year. He won’t stop.

His first video of the year is this little gem, “Self Made.” He raps: “They couldn’t break my mother’s son, you’re running a race you never won,” and later, “They hate me in private but love me in in public.”

Clearly, Foreign is expelling some demons. The video sees him hanging on the streets and in a studio, surrounded by acquaintances. The combination of the music and video is incredibly effective — raw and authentic. The album should be a trip.

Fivio Foreign is Self Made: The “Self Made” video is out now.

LA Weekly