Roxanne Makes Tay2xs Feel Good: Part of Creative PU$H and YG’s 4Hunnid crew, Tay2xs recently appeared on that rapper’s recent “My Bruddas” single. Now, he’s released his own Call Me 2 album, and a video for the song “Roxanne.”

Banggang Lonnie Bandz features on the song, which is a low key, chill highlight of the new full-lengther.

“Life was kinda hard until I ran until Miss. Roxanne, I ain’t gonna lie that b**ch made me feel good,” Tay2xs raps of this apparent savior. But there’s more going on than it initially seems.

Of the visual, a press release states, “The ‘Roxanne’ video featuring Banggang Lonnie Bandz follows the Indiana native as he references the use of drugs as a way to cope through life’s most difficult moments. Referring to the drug as Roxanne, Tay2xs might have listeners believing at first he’s talking about a girl but between the emotion packed hooks and capturing visuals listeners will quickly catch on to the reference.”

Roxanne Makes Tay2XS Feel Good: The Call Me 2 album and “Roxanne” single are out now.

LA Weekly