The Daily Globe and Mail has published photos from Michael Jackson's final run-through of the O2 concerts. It's particularly nice to see Jackson with a huge smile on his face.

The Wall Street Journal published an overview of the state of Jackson's will. What's most interesting about this news was that “the week before his death,” MJ rehired the attorney who prepared the most recent will, John Branca. Writes the Journal's Ethan Smith:

This will names as executors lawyer John Branca and a veteran music executive named John McClain who was also a friend of Mr. Jackson. Mr. Branca, who served as Mr. Jackson's primary attorney between 1980 and 2006, wrote the will. Mr. Jackson had rehired Mr. Branca the week before his death last Thursday.

According to TMZ, neither Michael Jackson or Debbie Rowe were the biological parents of Micheal Jr. and Paris.

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