Farrago Feels Blessed: Belgian DJ and producer Farrago, a leading protagonist in the techno 2.0 generation and part of the Exhale community, has a track called “The Keymaster,” a collaboration with Part Time Killer, on the Exhale 004 comp. He’s also just released details about his own new album.

Farrago was encouraged to get involved in electronic music by a friend.

“My mate told me it would be easier to ‘score girls’ if we became DJ’s and so we did,” he says with a laugh. “Don’t judge, I was 15 and easily manipulated. It got more serious when I sold my turntables a year or 2 later to buy a decent laptop and start producing. I was determined to make a living by making and playing my music and everything else that followed was in pursuit of this dream.”

Now, he describes his sound as “Fast and trippy psy infused trance and techno.” Meanwhile, he feels generally happy about the current state of electronic music.

“I used to feel very limited in what was considered ‘ok’ to play in a techno set,” he says. “It seems now there are no more rules, and I am all in for it.”

His track on the Exhale comp marks the first time he’s collaborated with Part Time Killer.

“We started talking online after I followed him on instagram and I found out we share a lot of the same opinions both on and off the stage,” he says. “I suggested to remix a track of his, but it turned into a collab instead.”

He recently performed shows in L.A. and NYC.

“Both shows were long overdue,” he says. “COVID got in between of us returning to USA for what feels like the longest time. It felt like a great homecoming, both parties were an incredible success and we’re very happy to grow the exhale community in the U.S.”

Looking ahead, Farrago has plenty planned for the rest of the year.

“My debut album Blesssed on my new label Vermillion Trax in May,” he says. “A track on the next R-label V/A. Probably a new Lenske EP later this year. The first single from the album wil be released this Friday the 14th April!”

Farrago Feels Blessed: Farrago’s new single “Addicted to Bass” with Amelie Lens is out now.









































































































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