Daktyl and Benni Ola Enter the Matrix: Production wiz and multi-instrumentalist Daktyl has collaborated with Californian spoken word poet and songwriter Benni Ola on a new project, the first fruit of which is the new “Matrix” single. It’s a pulsating, hypnotic tune — the two men blending their styles seamlessly.

“I started producing when I was at uni, my brother gave me an old copy of reason and I was immediately hooked,” says Daktyl.

“For a long time I never considered myself a producer,” adds Ola. “It felt like this big title and responsibility I was afraid of. It’s only recently I’ve decided to allow space for it, initially starting with vocal production and then taking up percussive instruments. I’ve played bongos since I was a teen and now I’m leaning into something I’ve always known.”

Both artists struggle to define their current sound.

“I’m terrible at answering this question, I always just say electronic music,” says Daktyl. “There’s a lot of different influences in there though.. world music, gospel, jazz, soul.”

“Man this question might as well be e=mc2 — I’m an eclectic artist,” adds Ola. “I’m a storyteller first and whatever energy that carries with it is what it is. Coming from a writer space and poet space I would say my sound at heart is the sound of truth. If we are talking strictly music though the genre is think while you dance.”

Daktyl believes electronic music is in a good place in 2023, with a lot of talented artists out there.

“Every genre goes through its renaissance and in that renaissance there’s always a pop boom’,” adds Ola. “That’s my humble opinion and I feel like electronic music is having that renaissance especially for black faces and people of color.”

The two men have been working together for years, most recently creating at Daktyl’s L.A. home studio.

“I remember feeling so anxious and not wanting to go to the studio at all,” says Ola. “I was having one of the worst weeks of 2022 but I just got up and went anyway. Deep down I think I knew in the midst of the chaos to do what I knew how to do and that’s create. I’ll never forget arriving at the studio letting Rich know how I felt and him saying let’s use it, that changed everything.”

Looking ahead to the rest of this year, both men say that they have “sooo much  new music” in store.


Daktyl and Benni Ola Enter the Matrix: Daktyl & Benni Ola’s “Matrix” single is out now.
















































































































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