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Fanatic! Thank you very much for checking out the show notes, such as they are.

I am back from London. It was for the most part, a sleepless blur of obligation and jet lag, but I got through.

Seeing Suicide play was really cool and great to see the audience so into it.

We would like to thank Karen Sundell for supplying us with the new Miles Davis release, Miles Davis at Newport: 1955-1975: Bootleg Series, Vol. 4. Another great one from the Davis estate.

Also, thanks to Paul Murphy and Larry Willis for access to their newest and as yet unreleased batch of tunes from their upcoming album, Dance of the Seven Spheres. Not a bad track in the bunch! We will be getting into this one quite a bit, same with the new Miles set.

There is a new Melt-Banana comp CD that we just got. It’s another gathering of the band’s amazing singles. I can’t figure out how they do it.

Check out the ripping guitar of Lobi Traoré. I found his music online recently. A standout the night.

I don’t think we have ever played Tabata Mitsuru on the show. We put some into the mix in hour 2. If you like what you hear, that’s another great Utech Records release.

I think we have yet again put together another great two hours of listening. I will be live in the studio with Engineer Amy for this show, just so you know.

Keep your amps trimmed and burning and STAY FANATIC!!! 
–– Henry

Hour 1
01. Miles Davis – Two Bass Hit / Miles Davis at Newport: 1955-1975: Bootleg Series, Vol. 4
02. Prince Jammy & Scientist – The Son Of Darth Vader / Scientist And Jammy Strike Back!
03. Paul Murphy & Larry Willis – Track 01 / Dance of the Seven Spheres
04. Melt-Banana – 2 Knees / Return of 13 Hedgehogs (Mxbx Singles 2000-2009)
05. Tamikrest – Aicha / Adagh
06. Lobi Traoré – Sigui Nyongon Son Fo (Live) / Bamako Nights: Live At Bar Bozo 1995
07. The Pop Group – Kiss The Book / We Are Time
08. Iggy & The Stooges – I'm Sick Of You / single
09. Tilt – Arkade Funk / 12”
10. The Misfits – Horror Business / single
11. The Fall – The Mixer / Shift-Work
12. Black Tambourine – Throw Aggi Off The Bridge / Complete Recordings

Hour 2
01. Rick Derringer – Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo / Dazed And Confused
02. The Ramones – Sheena Is a Punk Rocker / Rocket to Russia
03. Funkadelic – Super Stupid / Maggot Brain
04. The Rondelles – Shimmybecker / Shined Nickels And Loose Change
05. Ty Segall – The Hill / Twins
06. Vum – Katrine / new
07. Totally Mild – Christa / Rice Is Nice Vol.2 Mixtape
08. David Lynch – The Wishin' Well / The Big Dream
09. Black Sabbath – Time Machine (Wayne's World version) / Dehumanizer
10. The Inkspots – Yes, Suh! / Swing High Swing Low
11. Einsturzende Neubauten – Sehnsucht / Kollaps
12. Roxy Music – Virginia Plain / Roxy Music
13. Tabata Mitsuru – Dust To Dust / Lumrapideco
14. Lorelle Meets the Obsolete – Abyss Of The Future / Corruptible Faces
15. Tsuxma – Sagari-Ha / Hayashi Music Of Noh

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