[UPDATE: Read the entire LA Weekly Interview: Best Coast here.]

Well, we've been keeping the details of our next big LA Weekly interview under wraps for a while, but we can now tell you that this Thursday, when you pick up your customary copy of LA's best alt-weekly, you'll find one Ms. Bethany Cosentino, from Best Coast on the cover.

The interview (with some amazing photos by Sean Teegarden–see above) shines a new light on the amazingly fast rise of Best Coast (Bethany was named #4th coolest person in music last month by Britain's NME!) and it includes many revealing moments about her beginnings, her working methods and even her recent top-secret collaboration with Rivers Cuomo from Weezer, her teenage idol.

Here's an excerpt as a teaser, including the name of the Best Coast/Weezer collaboration. Make sure to pick up the whole thing on Thursday.

What's going on with Weezer?

I co-wrote a song with Rivers. I don't know exactly what it's gonna be used

for. I did co-write a song with him for Weezer, but I don't know if it's

gonna be on their record or … It's really something that he asked me to do

— we were on our last tour and my manager Adam called me and said, “Rivers

wants you to come into a studio when you get back to L.A. and write a song

with him.” And I was like, “Oh, my god, OK — it's Rivers from Weezer, which

is obviously a band I grew up listening to and a band that's influenced me.”

Honestly, I went in, recorded a song with him in one day and it was one of

the most … for something that I got so stressed out and anxious about, it

ended up being so natural, and it happened, and the song is really great.

What is it called?

“Go Away.” It's cool. We wrote it together and he recently sent me a version

he's been working on, and I'm really happy with it and to be able to hear

it. It's a duet, it's him and I singing together, and to hear his voice and

my voice on the same song makes my inner 13-year-old so excited [laughs].

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