The spirit of Elephant 6, the '90s collective behind cult albums by Neutral Milk Hotel, Olivia Tremor Control and many, many others, will be revived this coming March at the Satellite (aka, the Venue Formerly Known as Spaceland) with a performance by “The Elephant 6 Orchestra.” You can already score tickets through Ticketfly, though you're probably asking yourself, “is elusive E6 genius Jeff Mangum gonna show up?” Well…

…the answer is “Probably not.”

According to The Scenestar report announcing the gig,

The Elephant 6 orchestra consists of Will Cullen Hart, Bill Doss, Peter Erchick, John Fernandes, Julian Koster, Scott Spillane, Andrew Rieger, Laura Carter, Derek Almstead , Heather McIntosh, Bryan Poole, Theo Hilton, Robbie Cucchiaro and others that will play the music of The Olivia Tremor Control, Elf Power, Circulatory System, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Gerbils, Nana Grizol, Major Organ and Adding Machine, Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't, plus games, films & other surprises.

Notice the “and others.” Mangum has been known to show up to Elephant 6-related gigs, and he's also been known to have a predilection for furry outfits, so watch for any unannounced large anthropomorphic animals at the Satellite gig.

Tickets to see Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour at the Satellite can be obtained at Ticketfly for $12.00 – $14.00 before service fees.

LA Weekly