As Josh Glazer at Urb so acutely pointed out, with the overwhelming success of last weekend's Electric Daisy Carnival at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum & Exposition Park, it can accurately be reported that the annual LA party has joined the ranks of America's biggest music festivals.

What's most interesting about the official numbers released today — 45,000 on Friday and 90,000 on Saturday for a total of 135,000– is how the Daisy Carnival flew under the radar of some of music's tastemaker sites. Pitchfork, for example, didn't acknowledge the arrival of the festival at all, nor did it offer any coverage.

That's probably because the roster included so much mainstream dance stuff, and Pitchfork tends to avoid thump music like the plague unless it's on Kompakt, Diplo's involved, or falls under the keen eye of Philip Sherburne. Benny Benassi, Paul van Dyk and Kaskade most certainly do not, and as a result something huge and explosive in downtown LA happened without much national exposure. (Too, the eyes of the world were focused on the other side of town, where the Michael Jackson saga was unfolding.

Congrats to Electric Daisy for delivering a monster.

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