In addition to the myriad ways in which the '08 election has been momentous, one of the most entertaining and transformative has been the use of YouTube and other video sharing sites to spread the word and the love (and the hate) about candidates and their messages. Yes, we had the insipid Obama Girl and the mediocre tracks, but buried deep in the archives are hundreds, if not thousands, of oddball gems. Here are a few.

Barack Obama has provided a wealth of reasons why he should be President, but none is as persuasive as this.

A love song to Sara Palin that has countless (unintentional) LOL moments is capped by the chorus, which is — I kid you not: “So let's drill baby drill/Til we both get our fill/I promise you'll make a profit/Before I let my oil spill.”

Great entry from LA-based TISA (with beats by Daedalus – via Dr. Dre)

John McCain vs. Chris Matthews

John McCain does the robot

My name's Barack Obama/I came to bring the drama.” But the best couplet? “If I may be so bold/John McCain is getting old.”

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