Just admit it, you have no idea who any of those judge-hopefuls are, and you're going to go ahead and vote anyway. It's the naughty private moment in a voting booth. The legal newspaper, Metropolitan News-Enterprise, has published a list of endorsements filled with hilarious details about these judge-hopefuls that only a legal mind could dig up.

My favorites tidbits: Office No. 82 Candidate Cynthia Loo can't even get a lowly appointment as a court commissioner, perhaps because she has a problem of “crying” on the bench. Office No. 84 candidate Pat Connolly is “pugnacious.” C. Edward Mack, running for Office No. 94, has repeatedly tried to make it sound like he has 18 years of experience as a lawyer. He doesn't, and he's launched a war with Metropolitan News-Enterprise for repeatedly noting that fact. The newspaper doesn't have any good dirt on Office No. 154 candidate Rocky Crabb. But remember Judge Dzintra Janavs who L.A. County voters apparently ousted because of her unusual name, selecting instead a bagel shop owner for judge? Poor Rocky Crabb.

LA Weekly