A few months ago, South Africa's internet sensation Die Antwoord came to LA to meet a few odd celebs (David Lynch, etc.) and to put their signatures on a big-deal contract with Interscope. Now we can finally see the first fruits of the “novelty” act's bigger budgets.

“Evil Boy” dropped over the weekend and it's harder, more complex (it's like a suite of themes cobbled together by MVP mixer Diplo) and stranger than the previously “funnier” installments of the Ninja/Yo-Landi/other person saga.

You get little cartoon boys with huge boners, young South African black rapper MC Wanga (yup, a black South African–that should shut up some of the race-sensitive critics of the Die Antwoord phenomenon), maybe a little homophobia (Wanga warns “gays” who want to touch his boner in the bush that it's not for them), Yo-Landi wearing a suit made of white rats, Ninja spitting his crassest verses, a set made of boners, and Yo-Landi being tough and playing a satanic rip-off hooker. Over a guy's boner.

Of course you wanna watch:

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