We've received a tip from the good folk at Delicious Vinyl records that the “new” Daft Punk video for their “Derezzed” (from their ridiculously overhyped TRON: Legacy soundtrack) might not be, how shall we say this, completely original. It seems someone did a shot by shot comparison of the “Derezzed”/TRON video and a clip from Delicious Vinyl's far more obscure 2008 project RMXXOLOGY and found, well, some pretty curious similarities. What do you think?:

The whole incident is screen-capped by the Roky Manson blog here, but you can check for yourself by watching the videos back-to back:

Here's RMXXOLOGY (from 2008, inspired by the original TRON, of course):

And here's Daft Punk (from 2010, inspired by this week's superhyped TRON: Legacy):

What do you think? Coincidence or something else…?

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