Now that we have taco trucks, BBQ trucks, sushi trucks and cupcake trucks (and now perhaps signs of a backlash)–why not food trucks with something really useful, like fresh fruit and vegetables? In a neighborhood of Detroit where there are 26 liquor stores to one grocery store, a food truck is selling not tacos or ice cream, but produce.

Five days a week, the Peaches & Greens truck brings produce grown at community gardens by volunteers to areas of the city where residents don't usually have access to it. Operated by the nonprofit Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corp., Peaches & Greens is set up like a small market, playing R&B from speakers and broadcasting what fruits and vegetables the truck has available that day.

According to the Associated Press, the truck is more than just convenience; it's perhaps the only way some of the residents can get access to fresh food. Detroit has one of the nation's highest obesity rates, and limited public transportation for many inner-city residents. The Peaches & Greens truck is a way to bring those community gardens to the community that needs it most.

LA Weekly