Ryan Destiny Knows How Your Hands Feel: Detroit-born singer and actress Ryan Destiny has released a new video for the track “How Your Hands Feel,” and it’s a sultry R&B jam.

“This is a world I’ve seen since I recorded the song,” Destiny said in a statement. “A different step into my womanhood and sensuality. Something that feels true to me with a splash of a side I haven’t shown before.”

The video sees her in a swanky apartment looking out at the city lights, then in the streets on a motorcycle, then on a bed, then some stairs — it’s all very stylized.

The song is a beautifully performed piece of pop-infused R&B, smartly produced but not over-polished.

“I wanted to step into my sensual side,” Destiny said. “The song is sexy but vulnerable as well. Missing someone and having to let them know the way they made you feel is not always easy but this song feels like the confident and forward version of that mood. A good double back anthem.”

Ryan Destiny Knows How Your Hands Feel: Ryan Destiny’s “How Your Hands Feel” is out now.



































































































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