Saweetie Indulges in Richtivities: Grammy-nominated rap star Saweetie has released a new single called “Richtivities” and it’s a typically suave, catchy gem from the artist.

“Boasting a smooth and catchy beat, aspirational brags, and effortless swagger, the pop-off primed tune is the perfect addition to the NorCal native’s repertoire,” reads the press release. “It follows on the heels of ‘Do It for the Bay,’ a football-themed anthem for the San Francisco 49ers.”

“On ‘Richtivities,’ Saweetie represents for all the ‘pretty bitches’ (B- boss, I- intelligent, T- tough, C- CEO, H- hyphy) getting riches,” it continues. “‘Super fine, bills paid doin’ fine’ she raps over swelling strings and tight percussion. ‘Don’t forget, expensive bitch by design.’ That takes us to the sing-along chorus: ‘I’m doing rich shit, pretty bitch shit.’ The track inspires listeners to live their best life and is soon to become the theme song to having a good time.”

When we interviewed Saweetie for a cover story, she told us that, “My grandmother named me Saweeties. It took off because my MySpace was really popping. I was a local celebrity because of my MySpace. It was really cool. I’d be up all night finding the best codes, the best layouts, how to hide my music so nobody stole my songs – I was a nerd. I’d have the words coming across the screen. Even thinking about it makes me so happy because I really love creating. My MySpace was so aesthetically pleasing that it was popping, and then my name on MySpace was Saweetie. People would see me out at gas stations, at parties, on the street and they’d be like ‘Are you Saweetie?’ Then it just stuck.”

Hear the new track below.

Saweetie Indulges in Richtivities: Saweetie’s “Richtivities” is out now.





































































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