Stop the presses, everyone — it's a banner day for gay rights. Not because of a Supreme Court ruling, or because of a massive parade, or because of anything that happened in or around Ellen DeGeneres.

No, it's because Crate and Barrel released their new catalog, “January Inspiration 2013,” and it features a gay male couple having dinner together.

The picture in question features two well-dressed gentlemen enjoying a delightful meal of pasta, red wine and what appears to be bread, all while sitting upon some Miles Side Chairs at the Phoenix 85″ Work Table.

The caption to the photo reads:

Spend a Saturday night at home, cooking together, dining together. Music, candlelight, and a good bottle of wine, and you can have the table as long as you like.

So, Mazel Tov, gay men. You have finally been acknowledged by one of the leading home retailers in America, and dare we say, you look particularly fetching in their depiction of you.

LA Weekly