There aren't that many songs about Christmas in Los Angeles specifically, so when one landed in our inbox a few weeks back we paid particular attention. It's by an LA-based songwriter Tony Hundtoft, who goes by the name of Toeknee. The song has a pretty nice back-story, according to the songwriter:

“Navidad en Los Angeles' was written in the days leading up to Christmas in 2006. My bags were packed and I was set to fly home to Nebraska, only to arrive at LAX and find that I would likely not be home for the holidays after all; a blizzard had crippled the city of Denver, causing all flights in and out to be canceled.”


He continues:

When I returned to my apartment disillusioned that I was still in Los Angeles, I began writing this song. I remember finding some solace as I explored just what it was that felt so different about the idea of spending Christmas here. I love this city, though, and as reflected in the lines just after the bridge of the song, found the Christmas spirit in the City of Angels after all.

The concept of “home” has always been interesting to me, and I hope it's a song that other Angeleno transplants might feel they can relate to also. It should probably be noted that I was able to somewhat miraculously catch a flight through Denver two days later when the airport reopened, avoiding my first 'Navidad en Los Angeles' for another year.”

Pessimists and Grinches ignore this song. The rest of you, here's a song that captures one man's experience in LA over the holidays.


LA Weekly